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Bespoke Storage Units by System Store Solutions

We recently commissioned System Store Solutions to create bespoke storage units for our Jaguar E-Type Series 1 components. 

The brief was given to develop a system that would allow each component removed from an E-Type to be stored in a dedicated mobile storage unit, which would have foam drawer inserts specifically cut to accommodate each part.

"System Store Solutions have helped us raise the game in maintaining the high standards of parts management we adopt, even when it comes to storing; we ensure that every part is restored to the level our customers have come to expect from us, and with the comfort of knowing that the authenticity of their cars is maintained." Daniel Smith - Senior Team Leader

Each individual part has been itemised and given its own dedicated storage place. All car parts are stored in drawers where the foam has been individually cut specifically for that part. 

Overall, this newly implemented system has helped to improve our efficiency throughout the build process as each technician is able to assess the car for their part of the build process through a clean and itemised system, allowing for the next stage of the project to commence as soon as the parts are wheeled into their area. 


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