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Edition 4: Components of interest (part 2)

In this edition of the 100-Point E-type, we continue our discussion of a selection of the original components retained from #824. We have documented the condition of each component at the disassembly stage. We have researched the original processes used by Jaguar, and recorded the methods we have used to refurbish each component. This information has been recorded in a component catalogue which will be referred to in the future. 

If you missed part 1 of 'Components of interest,' it is available to read here now.

008 Reservoir Bottle WEB

Component: Reservoir bottle

Features: Black tops
About: In June 1962, Jaguar changed the early, round shaped reservoir bottles to a more square shaped bottle. The reservoir bottles have the correct black tops and are in a serviceable condition. To service we will clean the bottle using our aqua blast machine and refurbish the floats.

009 Steering Wheel WEB

Component: Steering wheel

Features: Center badge
About: The E-type’s iconic steering wheel is the original for this car. People have always been fascinated by the level of detail in the center horn push – if you look close enough, you can even see the Jaguar’s whiskers!

010 Wishbone WEB

Component: Wishbone

Features: A&A Stamp
About: Jaguar used A&A as their supplier of wishbone. This stamp indicates it is the original, supplied by the original supply manufacturer.

012 Door Handles WEB

Component: Door handles

Features: Lock stamp
About: Original door handle barrels stamped ‘TO LOCK’ with an arrow indicating the direction to turn the key. Aftermarket versions/replica’s do not have the lettering stamped into their barrels. This confirm that this is the original applicable to this car.

013 Butlers Light WEB

Component: Number plate lights

Features: Original Butlers
About: Up until around October/November 1961, Jaguar Cars fitted E-type’s with Butler’s number plate lights which were stamped ‘Butler’s England’. #824 has retained its original lights complete with the original glass.

014 Dunlop Brakes WEB

Component: Dunlop brakes

Features: Manufactured by Dunlop
About: The Series 1 E-types were fitted with Dunlop brakes.  In December 1961, the front and rear brake calipers were changed from malleable iron to cast iron. The cast iron calipers can be distinguished by the letter ‘C’ being cast into the outer face. #824 has malleable iron brake calipers, correct by the production change information provided above.

015 Header Tank WEB

Component: Header tank

Features: Corner exit
About: Header tanks fitted to early production cars display a corner exit. It is presumed that in late 1961, the exit position changed and later resided from the side panel. We will refurbish the original header tank and then test for usability. 

016 Engine WEB

Component: Engine

Features: Pumpkin orange cylinder head
About: In 1961, the production of the XK150 ceased which left Jaguar Cars with a surplus supply of 3.8-litre engines. With their ready painted bright pumpkin orange cylinder heads, the engines were used up in the first produced E-types. The exact number of E-type’s fitted with the highly desirable and sought after pumpkin head engine is not known but records indicate it was around October 1961 that the cylinder heads were started to be painted gold. Engine number R2219-9’s block is stamped 14.09.61 – indicating its date of production. It is common for engine date stamps to be 1 to 2 months prior to the cars date of manufacture.

018 Dipstick WEB

Component: Dipstick

Features: Dot pattern
About: The early E-type’s dipstick used a dot pattern at the tip for checking oil. This later changed to a cross pattern ‘xxx’.

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